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Terms and conditions of advertising and using of the site services

  • Inserting the following ads on "directory of Iran - Iraq import and export and Kurdistan Region www.iran-iraq.net is not allowed.
  • Any type of political ,social or religious advertising (such as elections - communities - mourning ...) that are not commercial
  • Application of bypass the filtering or VPN account
  • Installing of satellite antenna or satellite Internet, including: DVB and starsat program Or instructions of hack - crack or breaking the lock
  • selling of software programs or books without legal (copyright(
  • selling of lecture pamphlets without permission from the relevant authority       
  • Advertisement of the pyramid networks - Network Marketing or issues including to get rich and like it
  • Any contest or lottery (whether with prize or not)
  • Selling of sport supplements         
  • Any type of advertisement related to cigarette or drug rehabilitation
  • selling of metal detector or related equipments
  • Any kind of advertisement related to dating, family counseling or dating sites
  • Renting, selling or introduction on VHS, CD, VCD, DVD filled with video or music
  • Any kind of advertisement related to leasing (except for internal dealers of state-owned companies by presenting license)
  • Presenting of invoice  and proforma invoice to obtain a loan, eliminating the employer contribution and similar to it
  • Ads related to Green card
  • Buying and Selling Tamattu Hajj receipt
  • Buying and selling the kidney and parts of the body
  • Asking receiving money to any way in the ad text
  • Inserting the account number in the ad text
  • Ads that appear the suspicion of fraud

In the case of employment advertisement, it is necessary to present the following:

  • Required job title
  • Full name of the employer company.
  • The exact address of the company.
  • Landline number with the name of the accountable person

observing all general rules and custom in the Iran (like the following) is required to confirm the ad.

  • Ads should not make the insult to religions, customs, traditions, ethnicities, accents and different dialects.
  • In advertising a particular product or service should not be implicitly and explicitly rejected the other similar products or services.
  • Ad should not be devalued domestic productions.
  • Exploitation of women in advertisement, inserting the individuals photo or women photos or using of children photos for introduction of goods and services, which are not addressed to the children is not allowed.
  • Miswriting and misstating is not allowed.

Terms of using Site

  • Using the services of this site is possible by accepting the following terms and the mentioned rules. Therefore, using the services of this website or registering on the site is as acceptance of the Terms and conditions.
  • Although ads are carefully confirmed, but whatsoever no commitment or responsibility for the advertisements posted on the site is not our responsibility. After approval of ad and translating and posting it on site to the other languages Importers should be notify us within 24 hours if  he see any contradiction in translation with the original ad, otherwise we do not have any liability or responsibility.
  • Your using and searching on site have done with your personal responsibility, and we have no responsibility for any direct , incidental ,subordinate ,indirect and punitive damages resulting from your access and using of the site.
  • Advertisements on the site, inserted by the individuals and companies that have any natural or legal relationship with this Site.
  • Web site does not sign the contract or commitment by advertisers to display ads for either ordinary or special. The contents of the advertisements may be changed or updated by advertisers continually. In this regard we do not have any obligation or responsibility.
  • Each type of content, including ads, image, message and etc that will be sent to the site, is non-confidential and non-owned with the responsibility of advertisers and is publishable.
  • Any type of message, advertisement or images that will be sent to the site, and created user removed at any time that it is determined they are against the rules, criteria and interests
  • We are not responsible for any content and activities of the sites that their links are in this site
  • The laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the explanation, interpretation, implementation and impact of this agreement will be a verdict.
  • Rules and Terms of using of this site services is often updated, so we recommend when you are using this site, these to be studied.

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