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Aluminum disposable containers

Aluminum disposable containers

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  • Tabriz - Iran

Aluminum disposable containers

Alum-Peyman Company is the sole manufacturer of aluminum disposable containers and different kinds of foils in the Northwest of the country and it is capable of producing a wide spectrum of aluminum foils for home uses and food containers and it fabricates a complete range of the products with thicknesses of 20, 30, 50 and 70 micron with its facilities capable of packaging according to different length, width and weight as demanded by the customer.

Also, producing different kinds of aluminum disposable keep food warm containers in various shapes existent in the market are among the other products of the company. In line with this, Alum-Peyman Company hereby expresses its willingness for signing contracts concerning the exporting of large quantities of disposable containers to wholesalers, merchants and businessmen from Iraq and Kurdistan region.

Website: www.aloompeyman.com

Email: m_z_302@yahoo.com

Tel: 00989144025430

Tel: 00984135595690-1

Tabriz – Iran

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