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Diagnostic (Diag) -Fuel injector cleaning –Multi Tester and Sensor Simulator

Diagnostic (Diag) -Fuel injector cleaning –Multi Tester and Sensor Simulator

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Diagnostic (Diag) -Fuel injector cleaning –Multi Tester and Sensor Simulator

Motor Skan Khodro Company, active in the field of production, sale, export and import of auto service equipment

Testing and fuel injector cleaning device LG A600 and LG B600

Device Properties:

  • Testing system of leaking of injector needles
  • Superficies cleaning system for testing and cleaning- without opening injector needle
  • Automatic drainage system, Electra-sonic system for a careful cleaning
  • Digital monitor for processing and showing operations
  • Special adaptors for all cars
  • Backwash
  • Approved by Europe and standard (CE)
  • Simple use for dear users



  • Device power: 220 Volt 50 Hertz
  • Tank capacity: 2000 ml
  • Electrostatic power: 70 watt
  • System pressure: adjustable up to 6/0 MP
  • System of testing in different periods
  • Net weight: 20 Kg
  • Size of device: 510 550 750 ml


Troubleshooter of injector cars

Some of the capabilities of this device are as follows:

  • Detecting and showing car defects in Persian and English
  • Deleting error codes
  • Showing computerized characteristics of cars (ECU)
  • Showing all available information in car’s computer including the information about:
  • Sensors and content of computer
  • Showing measured values of parameters numerically and graphically
  • Testing all car actors and actuators (Actuator test)
  • Adjusting sparkle time and air and fuel compound in some cars


Device characteristics:

  • Troubleshooting (BSI) the car 206 with all its belongings
  • Troubleshooting car engine (Engine)
  • Troubleshooting Airbags (Airbag)
  • Troubleshooting anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Troubleshooting burglar alarm (CPH)
  • Troubleshooting cooler (A/C)
  • Troubleshooting radio (radio)
  • Troubleshooting guide hand (com 2000)
  • Troubleshooting automatic gearbox (A/t)
  • Defining key (Key programming)


V-Scan portable Diag

Device properties:

Industrial windows operating system Win CE6.0

With very strong microprocessor of Samsung Arm6410 (Arm11)

7 inches colorful touch monitor with backlight

Samsung flash memory 2G Nand flash

With Samsung internal RAM 256 MB 32 bit

With the capability of installing external memory up to 32 GB for programming and software updating

With poly carbonate 6 keyboards, independent uses from touch screen

With the capability of installing thermal printer for reporting and test result on car 

With internal battery chargeable with car and AC electricity 2100 mAh

With extra extensible ports for hardware and new systems

With independent hardware for operating system and troubleshooting car for easy services and servicing

High speed of troubleshooting and programming in car

Capability of working in different weather conditions from -15o to 55o C with relative humidity of 85%

With orbits maintaining electrical tests and high quality industrial parts to be presented in cheap and fast services

With the capability of installing board tester of wires, simulating sensors, testing and troubleshooting sensors and highly accurate voltmeters and ohmmeters and many other accurate applicable tests of car

Restricted working voltage from 8 to 35 Volt

With usb2 port for updating software or connecting to pc for troubleshooting cars via laptops and desktop computers

With the capability of supporting all troubleshooting protocols of cars such as:

ISO9141 ،ISO14230 ،ISO1576-2 ، .KWP2000 ،PWM ،Can high.Can low

Approximated weight 850 g and dimensions 1827/55

With the capability of selecting Persian and English language

With the possibility of upgrading and ordering software remotely


The other productions that can be offered to customers include:

-           Light and heavy cars DIAG

-           Troubleshooter of heavy and light cars

-           ECU tester

-           Nitrogen Generator

-           Light and heavy wheels balancing

-           Testing and fuel injector cleaning

-           Light and heavy tire remover

-           Wireless and computerized steering wheels tuning

-           Balancing superficies or in-situ wheels

-           Two-column automotive lift

-           Four-column

-           Scissor

-           Color room

-           Chassis repair

-           Air conditioner’s gas charger

-           All equipments of car repair tests

-           ICU flash

-           ICU download

-           ICU converting

-           Injector system training

-           CNG gas training

-           ECU repairs training

-           ECU wiring diagrams

-           Jack Services

-           Carwash

-           Fan exhaust

-           Industrial vacuum cleaner    

-           Oil suction

-           Tire apparatus

-           Industrial tools

-           Repairing machinery


Email: motorscankhodro@yahoo.com

Website: www.motorscankhodro.com

Tel: 00989122167253, 0982165632131, 00982165632161

SMS: 30006328

Tehran – Iran

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