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Farasarina Company

Farasarina Company

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  • Sales and service office: Unit 1, No. 3, Khodaparast St., lower than the Bahar Shiraz, Shariati St., Tehran, Iran.

Farasarina Company

Following shortage of fresh water and increased drought in Iran and following the request of people for potable water across the country, this company has changed it’s polities to serve to honorable and patient people of Iran, and in this regard proceed to designing, manufacturing and sale the industrial water desalination devices with the aim of supplying daily water for people. This company is ready to work in any area of the country that needs to station of fresh water and supply fresh water to the people directly and indirectly and help the government in order to assist in resolving water shortages in all parts of the country.

Farasarina Industrial Company is exclusive agent of magnetic softener device S2flow and water desalination device. The company have been active in field of manufacturing, importing, sale and setting up the variety of water desalination devices by R.O systems approach. These devices are available for sea water refinery systems, disinfection systems by U.V-ray, water softening to prevent sedimentation in reservoirs and boilers, heating and cooling systems by magnetic softeners and for acid and chemical injection pumps and PP cartridges that are usable in the health, potable water, industrial, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, animal husbandry, agriculture, aviculture and greenhouse sectors.

Available services by Farasarina Company

Manufacturing, installation, setting up and operation of water refinery and water desalination systems and desalination of saline water and brackish water.

Offering magnetic ceramic permanent softeners S2flow, special for heating and cooling systems.

Manufacturing, installation, setting up and operation of water desalination systems by R.O approach.

Deionizer and distilled water systems in various capacities by anionic and cationic column.

Distilled water systems in various capacities by two-stage R.O columns.

Sterilization and removing microbes system by U.V-ray.

Offering BW industrial membrane in different sizes having FILMTEC-CSM mark.

Offering pressure chamber.

Providing chlorination and chemical injection pumps in different liters and pressures.

Offering a variety of micron disk filters (in various sizes and capacities).

Reverse osmosis systems

Reverse osmosis is a physical process that can form nearly pure solvent from a solution with the help of semi-permeable membrane. This phenomenon can remove 99% of TDS solution and colloid in the solution. This technology is generally common in any industry that requires the separation of dissolved substances (usually the solvent is water). The most commonly use of R.O is in the preparation of pure water. Reverse osmosis is one of the essential methods in water purification that used for making semiconductors, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals industries and etc. Semi-permeable membrane and pump are used in R.O process. The pump provide driving force and membrane remains semi-permeable and causes the concentration of flow behind the membrane which will discharged from the outlet.

Applications of R.O technology

In industries providing industrial water in boilers, cooling towers and all of the heating and cooling systems.

Providing water for pharmaceutical and biologic uses.

Providing consuming water in oil and gas and petrochemical industries and power plants.

Desalination of Salty and heavy water for drinking and industry.

Supplying suitable water for preparation of various products in the food industry and drinking.

The final purification of industrial waste.

Supplying water needed in the paint manufacturing, battery manufacturing, rubber and plastic and cosmetics industries.

Supplying water required in open and closed circuit systems of induction furnaces.

The advantage of using R.O technology

Reverse osmosis system is more cost-effectiveness than other methods.

Consuming less energy than distillation methods.

Inability of bacteria, viruses and pyrogenic materials to pass from the membrane.

Possibility of restoring the concentrated water to the environment or reusing water of device.

Having international standard.


Sales and service office: Unit 1, No. 3, Khodaparast St., lower than the Bahar Shiraz, Shariati St., Tehran, Iran.


TEL :         0098 21 77647683

                 0098 21 77647670

Email :      info@farasarina.net 

Website :  www.farasarina.net